Individual College Courses – 在线 和 校园 Options

Whether you are a professional who wishes to learn more about a specific content area or a college student seeking transfer credits to complete your degree program, og体育app (GCU) offers a variety of college courses to help you meet your goals. Individual college courses from our 学士硕士og体育app are conveniently available online in areas such as education, 护理, 咨询, 会计与科学.

Convenient 在线 College Courses

While attending GCU, you will experience class using the university's 在线学习 system 和 participate with both those seeking to complete a single course 和 those pursuing a degree. A university counselor will guide you through the online classroom 和 help you underst和 the various resources available. In addition, you will have access to university resources, such as our online library, 辅导和指导.

To learn more about online 和 on-campus individual college courses at GCU, browse the course guide table below. Click on each single course to explore the curriculum to identify if it will meet your needs. You can also estimate your investment before applying for single college courses.

To review a comprehensive listing of online 和 on-campus individual college courses, 看看我们的 学术目录.

For more information about campus 和 online tuition 和 our academic programs, visit our 学费和杂费 页面.




How To 应用 for 个别课程

Once you have chosen the courses you wish to take, it is time to apply. Complete the form on this 页面 with the area of study 和 program that includes the courses you would like to take. Once you let us know how to contact you, a university counselor will be in touch to go over next steps of admission. This is when you will be able to share which individual courses you would like to take.

Individual 在线 College Courses FAQs

Because these courses come from an accredited university, they are able to be transferred to a full degree program at GCU. If you wish to transfer these courses to a university other than GCU, it is recommended you check with that university to confirm if the individual courses would be accepted.

Many of the single courses do require prerequisites to be taken. When you apply to GCU, we take a look at your previous college transcripts via our Lopes Unofficial Credit Evaluation to check if any of the courses you have taken would be accepted for your chosen course or program.

Individual courses are not accredited. However, GCU 和 many of its degree programs are accredited by their respective accrediting body. 访问我们的 大学认证 页面 to learn more about GCU’s institutional 和 programmatic accreditations.

The most important factor that employers look for when hiring for a job is experience. On its own, a single course may not be enough to l和 you a new job. But when combined with your current 和 past experience, the information you learn in your single course could push you ahead.

The length of time to complete an individual course depends on the number of credits 和 location. 一般, most online classes take seven or eight weeks to complete, while most on-campus classes take 15 weeks to complete. It is recommended you search the details of the course you wish to take to find out exactly how long the course will take to complete.

The class size for an individual course depends on the location, 但在GCU, we make it a priority to keep our class sizes small. 2023年春天, the average traditional class size for all GCU classrooms, 包括讲座和实验, on the main campus was 33 students.